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Just entering Medicare Eligibility can be overwhelming with all the mail, emails or other types of communications trying to enroll you in their plan. At we will provide you with the basic information needed to assist you in better understanding your options. With simple to read Medicare Guidelines listed throughout our website along with short and informative videos, you will have access to most of the options available in the Medicare system. Of course, at no additional charge, you can have the expertise of a seasoned Medicare Agent...just contact me for a free evaluation of your Medicare Options and I can make suggestions on a "great fit for you". 

Now Licensed in CA (0G03021), OR (9910529), WA (731000), AZ (9910529),

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Please explore our website to learn more about the options available with:

  • Basic Medicare (Parts A & B)
  • Medicare Advantage (Part C)
  • Prescription Plans (Part D)
  • Medicare Supplement Plans




The new Medicare Cards are coming....last ones will be mailed out around April of 2019...There is nothing for you to do and there is no will be automatic.

* SCAM TIP-Medicare will never call you and does everything via mail or online

Looking for a Medicare Supplement? (MediGap)

If you would like the luxury of going to your preferred doctor or facility and don't want a network....we can help. Contact us and we'll be happy to explain how it all works in easy to understand language...…

Looking for Critical Illness Coverage?

Long Term Care-Get the Basics

What you do today will determine how you will live tomorrow.....

70% of seniors over 69 will need some type of long term care in their

upcoming years...




There are 3 options

1. Be Rich  

2. Be Poor  

3. Be insured

Visit our sister website below for easy to understand information on this much under-insured aspect of our retirement...

Plans start at $110 per month. Call for quick quotes or visit our Contact page.


Looking for a Great Dental Plan?









Most Dental Plans for seniors provide the minimum coverage for your dental needs...

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Turning 65 or Leaving Employer or just getting Part B?

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New and Added Benefits-most at "no additional cost" for 2020!

Interested in the new Medicare Emergency Response Benefit? 

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Top 11 Medicare Mistakes and Confused?

There was an interesting article
about Medicare recently. The
research found 40% of all
seniors don't explore options
because they are overwhelmed
with the complexity
of the Medicare system and
therefore don't take advantage
of all the added and needed
benefits available at no extra
charge.....we would like to 
change that.....


Please check my calendar to attend my next "Top 11 Medicare Mistakes" Seminar. These Mistakes may cost you money!

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We're your advocate. If you ever need help with your Medicare questions, we’ll be there for you....

Product Offerings

alt"Always doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do"

Although Medicare Options are our main focus, we do offer other insurance products that would require a separate 48 hour waiting period to discuss after your Medicare appointment....

If you would like to discuss the following you can go to our contact page and request a later appointment.... you can also get more information by visiting our sister here!


  • Final Expense (Burial Insurance)-to $25K
  • Life Insurance (Term/Whole)
  • Fixed Indexed Annuities
  • Dental and Vision Plans
  • Long Term Care-visit our sister here
  • Cancer Cash Plans to $50K
  • Critical Illness Plans to $50K
  • Accidental Death-to $500K

Traveling Abroad?

Traveling Abroad? Great Senior Plans for your emergencies

We have Insurance Plans for Travelers and ExPats. Plans to cover short or long visits...

Most popular for vacations..Patriot Travelers Medical Insurance.

  • click  for the best quotes and online application process.
  • click for GlobeHopper for Seniors
  • click  for GlobeHopper Brochure

Did you know....Medicare stops at the Border?

Special Prices for 65+ Seniors on Medicare Plans

Medicare Stops at the Border flyer

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